The strongest quality of Plasto windows is their quality and manufacturing that is based on extensive experience. The use of tilt-turn, tilt, turn and top hung opening windows all across Germany and in many other countries over decades is proof of their resistance and dependability. 90% of the European market uses German type windows. The key words to describe these windows are resilience and dependability.

The German type windows usually open towards the inside, which makes their cleaning easier. All Plasto tilt-turn windows and doors have a standard micro ventilation position. All Plasto manufactured PVC windows are single framed, which makes them functional and easy to use. Plasto windows have undergone different storm and water tests. Thanks to the skilful work of the window masters at Plasto, the heat loss U-factor reaches 0,8 W/m2K, which shows that with the German type windows it is possible to reach the very best results in thermal insulation.

All opening windows made at the Plasto factory have at least one security point. We recommend installing safety level WK1 windows for floors or buildings with the highest security risk. These windows include drilling protection, break-in protection, and their corners are reinforced with rotating locking cams. Windows that meet the WK2 security level standards include an additional feature of shatterproof glazed glass.

You can see the openings and functions of windows when you move the mouse on to images!

Single sash opening turn and turn/tilt windows

Double sash tilt, turn and tilt/turn opening windows with fixed mullion or hidden mullion

Single sash tilt or hopper windows (upper hinges)


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